Our Story


Ashley Nevar is a designer and the owner of Ash from Nash. Currently located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, her brand aims to help women realize their beauty and worth through inspiring jewelry design.
Ashley grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where she lived most of her life, and moved to Tennessee after getting married. She has a background in marketing and sales, and has worked for companies such as Apartments.com and Comcast, but she has always been moved by fashion. So, upon her arrival in Tennessee, she began exploring her urge to create and thus a new career was born. What started as nothing more than a way for her to express her creativity had begun to blossom into a brand and a flourishing business. 
In the founding process, she had the idea to marry her passion for fashion with her desire to help victims of sexual abuse by partnering with a non-profit called Hope Spot, an organization run out of Thessaloniki, Greece. Hope Spot works to pull victims of sex trafficking and abuse out of what would be seemingly hopeless situations, and provide them with the means to experience a freedom that they’ve never before known.
Going forward, Ashley has a fantastic vision and monumental dreams for Ash from Nash. She hopes to expand her brands impact and can already be found in boutiques across the middle Tennessee area including Living with Landyn, Elle Gray, and Beau and Burch to name a few, but she has even greater hopes for the lives that exist outside the lines of her business and brand. Growing a prosperous business means nothing to her, if that business fails to work towards blessing the lives of those that need it the most.