Ashley Nevar, is a designer and the owner of, Ash From Nash. Her brand aims to help women realize their beauty and worth through inspiring jewelry design.


Ashley grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where she lived most of her life, and moved to Tennessee after getting married. She has a background in marketing and sales, but she has always been moved by fashion and design. Upon her arrival in Tennessee, she began exploring her urge to create. Through this process she discovered the beauty of creating something that instills confidence and joy. In time, she found community in entrepreneurship, camaraderie in the artistic realm, and the bright flame of the industry in Nashville served as a launching pad for her newfound passion. Thus an unfamiliar city became a home and a new career was born. What started as nothing more than an outlet for her creativity had now blossomed into an established brand and a flourishing business.


Her styles can now be found in countless boutiques, including locations in France and the UK.


Going forward, Ashley has a bright vision for Ash from Nash. She hopes to expand her brand's impact, because growing a prosperous business means nothing to her, if that business fails to work towards serving and blessing the lives of others.