Styling your Statement Earrings - Winter Edition

When choosing how to pair earring styles, it's important to consider shades, textures & patterns. Let's explore some stylings together...



^ In this first pairing I chose The Century earring. I love mixing casual outfits with bold pieces. It gives total model-off-duty vibes and dresses up the mundane. It also creates a bit of mystique. you'll have people thinking "why did she pair that?" "does it fit?" which may turn into "I wouldn't have thought to put that together...I kinda like it!" and POOF now you have become a trend setter.



^ The tailoring and structure of a good blazer allows for an easy editorial look. You can dress up jeans and a slicked back a pony tail effortlessly. The Dune earring adds a touch of minimalistic shape and architecture for a look like this.



^ In this styling, I chose to pair the Gingham earring with this plaid and cream pants look. Mixing patterns is not a new concept, the big league designers have been experimenting with fabrics and textiles since the beginning of fashion. The secret here is trying it out and seeing how it fits. It's an easy way to get out of your comfort zone if you are normally a "play-it-safe" kinda girl. It allows for expression and can really turn out well. 



^ Cream on cream, one of my go-to's for a clean winter look. This Cashmere earring appears to be knit together like the texture of your favorite cozy sweater. 



^ In the same way, mixing browns and warm tones creates a rich layering. I adore the Perini earring with a good brown coat and some black skinnies. 


Have you been inspired or tried one of these looks. We would love to see! Let us know by tagging us on IG @ash.from.nash