Our Why

I am blessed to have a business that allows me to merge my love for art, design, and fashion with my longing to make a difference, by helping those in need. My heart is for the forgotten of society, the innocent that are taken advantage of, the abused. Pouring into the hearts of the broken, remains my priority.


By way of Ash From Nash, this calling on my heart has come to find itself on a larger platform than I could have provided on my own. With every conversation had, every earring sold, and every friend made, the opportunity for true change has grown and grown. I saw this as an opportunity to merge my passion and calling. As a result 15% of every purchase will be given to Hope Spot. An organization located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Hope Spot is run by my dear friends the Stamati family, who are some of the most inspiring and determined people I know. Their pursuit is to rescue people out of sex trafficking, abuse, and other seemingly hopeless situations. They provide shelter and counseling, and tend to the wounds of these precious people. Their prayer is that these survivors would find rest, in a place where there is peace, love and hope for a better future. Hope Spot is changing the lives of many, and together, with your support, we will bring light to the darkness.


Thank you for your contribution, and God bless.



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